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Wholesale Bamboo Vegan Dryer Ball

Wholesale Bamboo Vegan Dryer Ball


Hi there! Thank you so much for taking a peek at our wholesale bamboo vegan dryer balls! This is our most requested wholesale item right now! 


**retailers now get FREE SHIPPING in the US and HALF SHIPPING outside of the US if you pay via a cash app as Venmo, Facebook Pay, CashApp, ApplePay or Zelle, select 'manual payment' at checkout and you will see all of the options available**


Before we get into the details please note, I handmade each bamboo ball myself and they do take longer to make than my wool dryer balls. That being said sometimes orders will take longer to ship depending on order sizes and order volume at the moment. I am working hard to bring them to you here in stock and ready to ship so stay tuned to your e-mail's for updates on stock levels and shipping times. 

Shipping will be invoiced once your order is ready to ship so that I can accuratley give you the actual cost of shipping. I know I hate being overcharged for shipping so I'm just passing the courtesy! 


Each ball is made with pure bamboo fiber, handrolled, hand felted and then machine felted. I purchase all of my fiber for both bamboo and wool dryer balls here in the US supporting even more local shops. 


Each ball may vary in size but are approx 2oz each.


There are no fillers, no substitutes and they are made using minimal processing and no chemicals. 


Bamboo dryer balls are a little denser than wool dryer balls and smaller in size, but work just the same by bouncing around with laundry and incorporating more air while they bounce. 


Dryer balls may arrive slightly damp, this is just due to the mositure they hold from my manufacturing process and being in a box/packaging during shipping. They will dry out fully in time. 


If you have any other questions at all please don't ever hesitate to reach out and I will be happy to help! 

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