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Double Edge Safety Razor (5 Free Blades)

Double Edge Safety Razor (5 Free Blades)


Plantish's Double Edge Safety Razors with 5 FREE razor blades, designed for an eco-friendly, clean, and perfect smooth shave, the alternative to flimsy disposable razors.


With balanced ergonomics and ultra-gentle glide, our unique razors provide the closest cut to your skin, removing all hairs without a single irritation! It reduces the risk of razor burns, pesky ingrown hairs and shaving rashes for the most sensitive areas of skin.



1. Exfoliate the skin

2. Condition with cream/oil/soap

3. Shave wet and warm --> Shave in the direction of your hairs (ex. if your hairs are facing down, shave using downward strokes) --> Hold the handle at a 30-45 degree angle and gently glide the razor over the desired area, against the direction of the hair growth

4. Clean off


Care Tips

Please refer to the last product image

Made in Canada

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