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Handmade Artisan Herbal Incense

Handmade Artisan Herbal Incense


Trava incense is handmade, with mindful intention, using organic and sustainably sourced woods, resins and powders. No essential oils or artificial additives are used. Local, hand harvested powdered herbs are used whenever possible. A wood base of mesquite, pecan, oak, and juniper is used and sourced form Urban Tree company in San Antonio.

**Prices are per cone**


Sacred Sun: a warming blend of sandalwood, frankincense, lavender, and cinnamon.

Moon and Stars: a mystical blend of makko, frankincense, lavender, myrrh, copal, palo santo, pinyon, pine, charcoal, and cardamom.


Marfa: juniper, copal, frankincense, chaparral, palo santo, mesquite, makko, sage, charcoal, pinyon resin.

Chisos: juniper. Cedar, sage, palosanto, makko, pine, mesquite, pinyon resin.

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