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Zero Waste Laundry Detergent Strips - Fragrance Free

Zero Waste Laundry Detergent Strips - Fragrance Free


Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets


Kind Laundry laundry detergent sheets are an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional detergents in the market today. Also, the recyclable packaging has a dramatically smaller eco-footprint on the environment. 

Furthermore, our laundry detergent sheets are made with a mostly plant-derived formula. This also makes our laundry detergent sheets a much gentler and safer alternative to synthetic, chemical-based detergents.


Made with zero-waste packaging and safer ingredients, our laundry detergent sheets is more eco-friendly than most conventional detergents out there. Goodbye single-use plastic jugs and packaging.


Here are some of our main ingredients:
Tea Seed Oil
Decyl Glucoside
Cocamidopropyl betaine
Fatty Alcohol Polyglycol Ether


Simply throw one (1) pre-measured sheet in with your laundry. For a boost of cleaning power, add two (2) sheets. For extra-large loads, such as bedding, add three (3) sheets.


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